Francis M. Gallagher

About me

I am a Scottish Senior Software Engineer

I've been programming websites since 2007 and I'm a full stack developer. Over the years I've worked on many different projects, mainly based in E-Commerce but I also develop leadgen sites, working in both PHP and .NET as needed. This website is not meant to be flashy or eye catching, simply just easily accessible as a light CV to point people to when I do not have a copy at hand. With that said, here it is.

My Curriculum Vitae


As a highly accomplished and self taught individual I have influenced and created a large number of projects involving leadgen development and redesigns as well as continual server, database and community management, but I am more known for my full scale ecommerce solutions involving multiple different integrated systems. I work great in a team, both as an indivual cog or as its lead.

I have a motivated and flexible attitude to work, with a determination to learn that lead me from knowing nothing of development to within a year having created two high traffic, successful websites which which needed a full complement of 12 staff per site to keep up with the ongoing fast paced weekly routine. I always look forward to the chance to work on exciting projects and learning new technologies. One of my strongest driving forces is to always improve and help others reach the success I have in this field.

Key Skills:

Relevant Employment History

In my career I am mostly known for my work In Magento 1 and 2. Be it full time development or some much needed project triage. When it comes to ecommerce I have worked in a wide array of fields from fast paced to high end fasion, cosmetics, white good, toys, gunsmiths, scientific equipment, food retailers and much more. But that's not the limit of my skills, I've worked in developing in symfony for companies HR systems, Laravel for technical blogs and holiday trackers, Umbraco for a massive volume of leadgens that cover a sizeable array of specialities, as well as the odd Drupal and Wordpress site here and there when requested.

Additionally you could find me managing large volumes of servers via Ansible/Puppet/Terraform or plain old CLI + bash scripts, creating project specific docker environments, or working with the usual integrations expected of a developer, acronym bingo cards at the ready, such as CDNs, CRMs, PIMs, EPOSs, ESPs, DAMs, SOAP/REST APIs, etc.

However development wasn't my only tasks in these roles, along side leading teams I'd be heavily involved in client interaction, from project pitches, all the way through to upskilling clients in their new technologies. I'd be in constant contact with clients from anything as simple as supporting them in their first few days with their new tech, to running full on discovery phases to understand their key target markets and user journeys to ensure a strong confidence in my team and that their needs were being met professionally and to a high standard.


Contact Details

If you wish to contact me, or just put a face to the site you are reading you can find me here or follow me here.

Still here?

If you have read this and have a genuine interest in me or getting in touch, thank you for taking the time to read my site. If you have any question, or are just looking to know more please feel free to reach me in the above locations.